Tutorial Formats and What is Missing

I have a script written for what looks like a 30-40 minute introduction to the Blender compositor (beginner level) and I’m debating what format makes more sense. There’s a lot of great content out already – from Bartek Skorupa’s compositing tutorials on BlenderCookie.com, to BlenderGuru’s The Wow Factor (a paid ebook). There’s pluses and minus to both formats. It’s much easier to get specific and offer a full explanation of a concept in an ebook, yet it’s nice to watch someone actually work in the interface. I’ve enjoyed and learnt from both.

I do feel, when it comes to the compositor, the Blender Wiki information is a bit frustrating and either is too detailed, or haphazard. Bartek’s video tutorials are great – but a bit more advanced – especially for anyone just starting out. What do you think? Leave a comment if you have a suggestion or idea. Book? Video? A mix of both?

Also, I’m curious what level everyone considers themselves? Are the tutorials out there too hard? not challenging enough? Where’s your struggle when it comes to Blender, visual effects and compositing? I know for myself it was not seeing the big picture – how everything tied together…and badly voiced videos.


  1. Stefanos says:

    Personally I prefer video tutorials over an e-book, but thats just me. There are some written tutorials which are completely usefull and quicker than a video tutorial. That’s why BlenderGuru’s tutorials are good, because there are both the video and the highlights written.

    I agree with you when it comes to Blender Wiki and I have come to the conclusion that every instructor has his own advantages and disadvantades.

    There are easy tutorials for beginners like the ones from LittleWebHub (tutor4u on youtube), to the intermediatte blenderHD and to the advanced of BlenderCookie. You can’t bypass the inbetween stages before you move forward.

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