There are a lot of great resources for the VFX (visual effects). And it’s never recommended to limit yourself to just Blender. What I’ve gathered here is an ongoing list of resources, from books and magazine articles, to websites, and video tutorials, that touch on topics of visual effects and the use of Blender.

Websites : This is the official website of Blender 3D, and is a great resource for introducing yourself to Blender. While some elements are a bit dated, it’s still the first place you should check out if you’re just getting started. : This is where you’re able to download the latest builds of Blender. : Visual Effects blog by Sean Kennedy, a visual effects professional, promoting the use of open-source visual effects tools. : While not Blender focused – it’s all about After Effects – you probably shouldn’t plan to work professionally as a VFX artist, without a expert understanding of After Effects – at least not hear in the U.S. But that’s not why I’m recommending it. The stuff shown here sets the bar…check it out…and bring what you learn back to Blender.

Blender’s VSE Blog : A blog focused on the little known Video Sequence Editor (VSE).


Compositing Visual Effects: Essentials for the 3D Artist, by Steven Wright. This is a great book and I highly recommend it. If you’re new to the field, read this book first, before you get into his other, more intermediate/advanced book. Most of what I know, and what you’ll learn on this website, is influenced by this book.