to launch officially in July 2013

I’ll be launching in July 2013. At that time I’ll start posting regular content, including tutorials and other material helpful for the aspiring Blender user, and in particular, those interested in using Blender for visual effects, motion graphics and compositing. Until then, thanks for your patience, and post a comment if you’re also interested in using Blender for VFX work, as much as I am.


  1. This is an excellent idea. I am definitely interested in using Blender for VFX. I’ll be one of the subscribers of this site.

  2. Oh nice, and I was waiting for something like that. I posted on the previous version of the page but the site was frozen… Thank you for you effort, I will definetely be one of your first visitors. I want to learn Blender for VFX and I am just starting.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. I’m so looking forward for this and will certainly be following the site when it goes live.

  4. How long will it be until your first official blenderVFX post? Looking forward to it.
    Have you considered a big scale announcement of this page for sites like blandernation, Libre Graphics World, etc. ?

    • I’m still working out the logistics of who this will be targeted toward – and of course creating the material. BlenderCookie has some great compositing tutorials and I hate to duplicate other’s work. But there’s either advanced tutorials, or really boring ones. What are you looking for? Intermediate, beginner, advanced? Once I have that figured out I’ll start promoting. Thanks for the suggested sites.

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