New Upcoming VFX Tutorial on Looks Awesome!

Really looking forward to this tutorial by Richard van der Oost, over at I know I’ll be checking it out and trying to complete it when it’s available in a few weeks.
My only criticism with the current demo – is how large the car is in relation to people..but hey, that’s why they tell you to measure, measure, measure everything when your on set for this sort of work.


  1. Stefanos says:

    Well, as it says in their site, we will use pre-modeles and animated models. So my guess is that there was a problem with the scaling. (?) Will that be a citizen+ series or free-for-all?
    Either way, can’t wait to see the results.

  2. Nate Sullivan says:

    It’s now out – and yes, your right – the use of pre-purchased, pre-tracked footage meant they didn’t really have to option to gather accurate measurements. It is a paid tutorial – part of their Citizen+ series. I’m going to give it a test this weekend though and report back an actual review.

  3. Stefanos says:

    Unfortunately I can’t afford the citizen+ account. Thats to bad because Blendercookie has some pretty good stuff. You can also try BlenderGuru’s Architecture Academy (here is the sample of the series:

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