Quick Tip: Using Masks in Blender

A quick tip introduction to using Masks in Blender. Blender 2.64 introduced Masks, and several tutorials have already covered the feature. My only problem is that I had to search multiple locations to get the most key information and features that are important for masking – feathering, animating – oh,  and how to avoid errors (like flipping the direction of the mask). This quick tip takes all of those tutorials and puts it into 8 minutes of video.

Hope you enjoy – and if you have any questions let me know. I’m in the process of trying to determine the direction of where tutorials should go on this site. Was this too basic? Did I miss anything? Is there anything you’d like to see improved in the future?

All comments welcome.

– Nate


  1. Nice simple tut that covers al the mask basics. I found that my tutorials were to task specific and therefore to long and boring. Can I suggest that you start the video with an example of the finished result to suck people in then direct them to a more detailed use case in a subsequent tutorial. Maybe one that groups a number of mini tuts like this together?

    Good luck, I like the site and the concept.

  2. Nate Sullivan says:

    Thanks David. I agree – it would benefit from something a bit more visual and interesting. I’m probably going to move beyond the default cube in my next one. I’ll have to check out your tutorials. I was noticing that you’re using the Blender video sequence editor. Do you find that you use this a lot? I hadn’t thought of using it before for compositing, but after watching your video, I realize it’s probably a lot like using After Effects for video editing – not a final choice but a good way to mix clips that need to work together.

  3. Hey,
    I was wondering how to delete the masks in the drop down list. I’m not talking about the strips that are created in the timeline, I mean the presets under the “UV/Image Editor”. I accidentally created too many and it seems too simplistic for the devs to just leave out such an easy option. Any help is much appreciated, it’s one of the only things that are really bugging me. Thank you.

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