New Upcoming VFX Tutorial on BlenderCookie.com Looks Awesome!

Really looking forward to this tutorial by Richard van der Oost, over at BlenderCookie.com. I know I’ll be checking it out and trying to complete it when it’s available in a few weeks.
My only criticism with the current demo – is how large the car is in relation to people..but hey, that’s why they tell you to measure, measure, measure everything when your on set for this sort of work.

Quick Tip: Using Masks in Blender

A quick tip introduction to using Masks in Blender. Blender 2.64 introduced Masks, and several tutorials have already covered the feature. My only problem is that I had to search multiple locations to get the most key information and features that are important for masking – feathering, animating – oh,  and how to avoid errors (like flipping the direction of the mask). This quick tip takes all of those tutorials and puts it into 8 minutes of video.

Hope you enjoy – and if you have any questions let me know. I’m in the process of trying to determine the direction of where tutorials should go on this site. Was this too basic? Did I miss anything? Is there anything you’d like to see improved in the future?

All comments welcome.

– Nate

Tutorial Formats and What is Missing

I have a script written for what looks like a 30-40 minute introduction to the Blender compositor (beginner level) and I’m debating what format makes more sense. There’s a lot of great content out already – from Bartek Skorupa’s compositing tutorials on BlenderCookie.com, to BlenderGuru’s The Wow Factor (a paid ebook). There’s pluses and minus to both formats. It’s much easier to get specific and offer a full explanation of a concept in an ebook, yet it’s nice to watch someone actually work in the interface. I’ve enjoyed and learnt from both.

I do feel, when it comes to the compositor, the Blender Wiki information is a bit frustrating and either is too detailed, or haphazard. Bartek’s video tutorials are great – but a bit more advanced – especially for anyone just starting out. What do you think? Leave a comment if you have a suggestion or idea. Book? Video? A mix of both?

Also, I’m curious what level everyone considers themselves? Are the tutorials out there too hard? not challenging enough? Where’s your struggle when it comes to Blender, visual effects and compositing? I know for myself it was not seeing the big picture – how everything tied together…and badly voiced videos.

VFX Inspiration : The Future of VFX

And the breakdown…

I love breakdowns as they often reveal that the final shot was the result of a lot of simple tricks. He used a lot of industry standard tools here – After Effects, FumeFX, etc – but nothing that couldn’t be done in Blender.

BlenderVFX.com to launch officially in July 2013

I’ll be launching BlenderVFX.com in July 2013. At that time I’ll start posting regular content, including tutorials and other material helpful for the aspiring Blender user, and in particular, those interested in using Blender for visual effects, motion graphics and compositing. Until then, thanks for your patience, and post a comment if you’re also interested in using Blender for VFX work, as much as I am.